Bruce lee

There is also a Bruce Lee slot game, based on a martial arts theme. Though Bruce died in 1973, his name has been immortalized in a variety of casino games. This particular game is filled with symbols from the martial arts, including weapons, dragons, and the man himself. When the jackpot is hit, the winnings are multiplied by several paylines and the prize pot is 250,000! And the biggest jackpot is a staggering 25 million dollars!

The name “Bruce Lee” can mean many things. It's not only a martial artist, it's also an actor, director, screenwriter, producer, and philosopher. He was a diverse individual, but his most notable contributions to the arts were in the film industry. Here are some things about him that may surprise you. Then, if you're interested in martial arts, you'll find out that his passion was not just for the arts.

In the movie “Enter the Dragon,” a kung fu stylist was beaten by Bruce Lee, and he told him to get back to work. The incident was witnessed by film producers Fred Weintraub and Robert Wall, and is one of the most famous film moments of all time. In the video, Bruce Lee is the only one who's ever been hit by Jackie Chan. And this incident only highlights the power of the martial arts legend.