5 Random Casino Facts That Every Gambler Should Know

blog post - 5 Random Casino Facts That Every Gambler Should Know

Random casino facts thatgambling started centuries ago, and as such, there is much to know about this billion-dollar industry. In particular, casinos are home to some of the most shocking myths and legends that seem too good to be true. They are undoubtedly mesmerizing, but we probably do not know much about these places. Whether you are a novice or veteran player, here are some random casino facts that will interest you.

Random Casino Facts That Every Gambler Should Know

  • Venice housed the world’s first casino.

Gambling permeated today’s popular culture, with numerous American movies showing affluent casinos and high-stakes games. However, the first casino ever built was in Venice, Italy. Ridotto, a French word that translates to a private room, opened in 1638. The gambling house is no longer open, but the spirit of gambling has yet to leave the famous city.

  • The gambling center of the world is in Asia.

Most Americans probably flock to Las Vegas, Nevada or Atlantic City, New Jersey for their gambling needs. However, the rest of the world goes to the small city of Macau. Gambling makes up 50% of its revenue, with 33 elaborates casinos packed in such a small space. As such, it is also the most tightly inhabited city in the world.

  • Most casinos do not have clocks.

Casino owners want their patrons to spend as much time, and money as possible inside their venues and omitting clocks is one way to fuel this phenomenon. Without clocks, it is easy to elude trace of time. However, not all traditional casinos follow this design, of which the Bellagio in Las Vegas is one prime example.

  • Gambling kept FedEx afloat.

Today, FedEx is one of the most well-known shipping services valued at $55 billion. During the 1970s, though, its founder had a hard time keeping the company alive with rising oil prices. He took the company’s last few thousand dollars and ended up winning nearly $30,000 in Las Vegas. Since then, FedEx has secured lucrative investments, and we have not heard of the CEO taking part in such high-stakes gambling ever since.

  • The sum of the roulette numbers is foreboding.

If you like table games more than slots, you can quickly validate this fact on the roulette table. Adding up the numbers result to 666, a value associated with the devil. Superstitious folks relate gambling to ruining people’s lives because of this unholy number. As such, people call the roulette the devil’s wheel.

Casinos have remarkable histories. Apart from these five, there are tons more to know about these gambling venues.